Harvest’s over
OCTOBER 1 2018
Durin’s team, among the rows of generous vines in Arroscia Valley

This year’s vintage has just ended and is good one for Durin’s winery. The harvest took place for a few weeks in September, right up to the end of the month, re-enacting a captivating ritual made of old gestures that is the harvesting of wine grapes. This suggestive moment is enhanced by Durin’s harvesting scenario: the vines lie on plots of land seated in the charming Arroscia Valley. We’ll have to wait for the new wine, but thanks to the mild weather conditions throughout the year and the hot rainy summer, chances are that it’s going to be a good vintage. You can’t be less than optimistic when even the hail storm occurred during the last week of September failed to ruin the crop.

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