Wine Experience

Wine tasting and visiting the vineyards

«Our biggest desire has always been to make people feel emotions thanks to a glass of wine. The aim is to let shine through that, behind that glass of wine there is an ancient history, a family, hard work, many dreams, a path that has been followed and many other goals to achieve, all this with the outcome of working the land with our own hands. Overtime, we have tried to harmonize typical features, territory development and the deep-rooted viticulture tradition of our community, wanting to grow up, to improve, to align with present times and to the market's selective requests, creating a superior quality final product. All of this has been made possible only by putting ourselves out there, consistently investing money, trying new paths or re-discovering old ones and never become complacent or gloat over received rewards».

This is the spirit that fills Laura when she walks the guests who visit the winery. The Wine Experience at Durin's is intended for small groups and consists in a tour of the vineyards and tastings in the cellar and in the Toirano caves, the most enchanting place of this experience in the name of good wine.


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Visit to the winery and tasting of 5 still wines, plus small tasting of local products.
€ 25
duration: 1.15 / 1.30 H
when: Saturday 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm


Visit to the winery and tasting of 4 still wines and a sparkling wine aged in the Toirano caves, plus small tasting of local products.
€ 30

duration: 1.15 / 1.30 H 

when: Saturday 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm


Visit to the terraced vineyards by 4x4 jeep. Return to the winery for tasting of 3 still wines, plus small tasting of local products.
€ 35
duration: 1.15/1.30 hour 

when:Saturday from 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM depending on the climatic situation
* Appropriate clothing, sports shoes, comfortable clothes, sunglasses, hat are recommended. Depending on the climatic situation.

Aperitif in the cave

Guided tour of the Toirano caves and tasting of Basura, the sparkling wine aged in the caves, plus 2 still wines and small tasting of local products.
€ 38
The price includes the entrance ticket to the caves. Booking required: tel. +39 0182 98062.
duration: 2.00 H
when: 24/06 to 31/08. Friday from 4.00/5.00 pm.
* This wine experience is reserved for adults.


In the middle vat, in keeping with the oldest tradition, the grapes are pressed with the feet. Followed by a tasting of 2 still wines.
€ 25
€ 10 children (only pressing)
duration: 1.15 H 

when: harvest period (Sept./Oct.)
* Recommended for adults and children from 6 years of age. Shower possible. Towels not provided.

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Wine Experiences can be booked for a minimum of two people. It is also possible to give a wine experience as a gift by contacting the winery or filling in the booking form. 

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