The farmhouse


The farmhouse

Cà da Bàsura: where you can feel like home

Durin's farmhouse is situated near the manor house, and is called “Cà da Bàsura”, whose name recalls the wine aged in the Toirano caves: Bàsura sparkling wine, the top of the line product of the winery. This little accommodation unit with its rosy front was originally a wood carpenter's household, and it stills maintains the original 1860-1870's structure, when it faced right on to the old main road in Ortovero called via Roma, which divided the town in two and served as a connection between the sea and the Ligurian Alps up to Piedmont.

The inside of the farmhouse treasures some pieces of the antique furnishings like the carpenter's workbench placed in the hall. The particular care in choosing the décor details is the distinctive feature of the two warm and cozy rooms, and ultimately suggest the homey feeling that the Basso family recreates in Cà da Bàsura, created keeping in mind the passion for delicious and authentic goods. On the breakfast table you will always find home-made biscuits and pies, fruit jams, goat cheese and yoghurt, pickled vegetables, bread and olive oil. Made by the Basso family with care.

Lastly, near to the farmhouse there's another building with a garden which can accommodate up to 5 people, offering all sorts of amenities starting from the fully equipped kitchen to the three bedrooms to finish up with two bathrooms complete with one spa shower.