Sparkling wines in the cave


Sparkling wines in the cave

The sparkling wine aged in the Toirano caves

Durin's family passion for "bubbles" is the real deal, such a deep love that resulted in the flagship item of the entire production, encouraging the choice of such a magical and unique place for the sparkling wine bottles: the Toirano caves. These karst cavities rich in stalactites and stalagmites, located just a few kilometres from the town that goes by the same name, in the province of Savona, are the cradle of Durin's sparkling wines ageing process.

The concept begins to develop in 2007 from the need to find a quiet, chilly place able to maintain constant humidity conditions in order to ensure these wines' ageing. Years of research, the catching charm of the Caves, opened to the public in 1953 and the essential help of the Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici della Liguria and Toirano municipality, did the rest.
Since 2011, the three Bàsura sparkling wines, which take the name from the legendary sorceress to whom one of the caves is dedicated to, are left to age inside specific crates, which are both a big tourist attraction and serve as a perfect cellar (there's a 90% humidity level, a 15 degrees constant temperature, a dark environment and the complete lack of vibrations). In the darkness of the Toirano lairs, next to the Pleistocene Bear Cemetery – the biggest one in Europe – and the Paleolithic primitive men evidences, lie Bàsura Obscura, Bàsura Riunda and Bàsura Rosa, classic method sparkling wines produced from native wine grape varieties. Main characters of this fascinating blend between wine, archeology and culture.