Heroic vineyards

The vineyards, a combination of beauty and hard work

Durin's vineyards are the symbol of Ligurian viticulture whose peculiar traits are patches of land that embrace different landscapes at the same time providing unparalleled breath-taking views.
A less appreciated downside, for those growing vines, are the steep hill ranges which are very common even here in the Arroscia Valley in the province of Savona where, seated in 5 different municipalities – Ortovero, Ranzo, Onzo, Garlenda, Rialto – lay Durin's vineyards, covering a 16 and a half hectares area which is a remarkable amount considering the regional standards (the 7 hectares vineyard in the Onzo municipality is the biggest).
The farm owns 259 plots of land at the present day and the slopes differ from one wine-growing area to the other, ranging from 70 up to 600 m.a.s.l.. The ripening of Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese, Ormeasco, Barbera, Alicante, Granaccia, Syrah and Lumassina is made easier by the mild weather as well as by the sea breeze which covers juicy grapes bunches and star-shaped leaves with a light white layer. The wine saltiness, along with any other environmental condition will be found in the glass, after going through necessary and experimental processes in the cellar, which produces and releases wines with a peculiar Ligurian flavour.