Extra-virgin olive oil

Not just wine at Durin's, but also extra-virgin olive oil produced from over 1500 olive trees, including some centuries-old ones, standing out against the sky amongst the vines, with their silver crowns. True to the most traditional Ligurian landscape, Durin's olive trees grow next to rows of vines or more precisely right on top of them. If the flat area of the terracing has always been dedicated to vine grapes growing, on the other hand the overlying stone walls are traditionally meant for olive trees planting.

Durin's olive groves produce only one cultivar, the Taggiasca, which is typical of western Liguria, and just like the vineyards, they create a pattern in the several winery's plots all across the Arroscia Valley municipalities starting from Ortovero to Ranzo, from Garlenda to Onzo and Rialto. The trees do not undergo any chemical treatment reflecting a deep respect for nature and the olives are pressed in the community shared oil mill right after the harvesting, resulting in an unfiltered oil – about 20 thousand pounds a year – about 20 thousand pounds a year – ready to be tasted even purely on a slice of homemade bread.